The Power of I AM

I AM are the two most powerful words of personal creation in life. I Am is a collection of beliefs that demonstrates who we believe ourselves to be, and all our actions are based on our beliefs.

Who we are and how we define ourselves is shown to the world in every thought,  word, action, and feeling we express and reflects how we experience life. What we believe about ourselves form the foundation of our life story.

While our story may reflect how we see ourselves it is only part of the truth of our whole being. We focus on reality based on what we can see, hear, touch, taste and feel. This limits our life experience by denying the vast world of the unseen. Imagine being on a trip, for most of the journey we cannot see our destination, but if we use a reliable map we know we are going in the right direction. And when our current experience shows that we are off course we adjust our direction and eventually arrive at our destination. But for more than 99 percent of our journey we cannot see our final destination.

Life is like that. When we know where we want to go, we use sensory input along the way to adjust our course, based on the outcome of our choices.

Life in each moment is full of possibilities and we choose the reality we experience based on our own individual choices and have done so from the birth of consciousness. The ability to choose is the action tool of creation and builds the very foundation of our life experiences.

We are all Magnificent unless we create the illusion that we are not.

Imagine you are taking part in a race against 200-500 million other people. In this race except in very rate cases there is only one prize, first. Each human being alive today beat those odds and won the race to become the person they are. We are all winners regardless of how we may think of ourselves.

To not see our magnificence is to create the illusion that we are not the creator of our lives. We create illusions to show us what we are not, so we can be guided to what we are. Magnificent beings with the ability to create whatever we can imagine.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einsten

Imagination is the tool we can use to lift the veils of illusion and guide ourselves to experiencing the magnificence of who we are. We may ‘know’ who we are, but can imagine who we would like to be.

Divine beings creating life through the power of I AM.

Now Available – Uncomplicating Your Life Book

Collection of writing by Anthony Fernando.

We are magnificent beings meant to live a life of joy and harmony through the guidance of our spirit and our soul. When we are not in harmony with our divine selves we experience life as challenging and difficult. It is not our experiences but how we look at it and feel about them that determines the joy or sadness we feel. This book contains simple thoughts and perspectives on how we see and experience life. Simple truths (my own) that encourages the reader to find their own truth and live according to their own guidance.

The title was given to me by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversation with God books.

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Uncomplicating Your Life Book




The sections below are from the book titled ‘Uncomplicating Your Life – Simple Truths that can change everything.’ After reading parts of the book  Neale Donald Walsch, author “Conversations with God” suggested the title and tagline as being more representative of the content.

We are spiritual beings experiencing a human journey. We are already complete but don’t remember, however our reminders of the limitations we place on ourselves show up as negative experiences. When we can recognize the God that exists within us through the ability to choose we transform our journey into one where our own light shines brightly so that others may be guided to their own inner light, if they choose.

On a Spiritual Path – Living the Light Within

Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad
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 We are all on a spiritual path some further along than others. There is no set route, we create our own route with each choice that we make.

Our choices are the left and right turns of our journey. This journey is not to a particular time or place, but a journey to fully recognizing the light within. It is in each one of us and as we see it in ourselves we are then able to see it in others.

We are “Beings of Light.”

Inner Peace – Living in Your Light

Assiniboine Park Bridge, Winnipeg
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Inner peace is felt when we are connected to the source of life within us. Our mind creates matter and the amount of awareness we have in the moment is an indication of the amount of power we have available for us to live fully, with joy and love.

Mindfulness (being completely aware in this moment) gives us the power to be at peace. It allows us to go beyond the illusions we create in life. Our illusions are like blinders which keep us unaware of the myriad of possibilities we have to create life.


Mother ducks and chicks
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Life is all that is. Its our combined experience of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ which forms the whole we call life.Our experiences form the fabric of our lives, created through our most dominant thoughts and beliefs. What we concentrate on, and put our thoughts into will be created in our lives.

What is most important is how we feel about our experiences. We tend to create or more accurately re-create our negative experiences when we avoid our feelings about them.

Connecting with Love – A Path to the Divine Within

Mother and son
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Whoever or whatever we love we allow the freedom to be anything it wishes to be. We may sometimes feel that there is not enough love in our lives. But that feeling is based on the limitations we may be experiencing in that moment. Love cannot be given if it is not felt, the only way to get more is to give more.

The difficulties we face with love are based on our expectation that a person has to give love according to their relationship to us. Unless we accept that the another person’s concept of love may be different from our own, we will not be satisfied with the love we get from them. They can only love their way not ours.


Baptism on the beach
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What is Prayer?

Prayer is one’s effort to re-connect with the whole. Feeling separate is an illusion because we cannot be separated from who we are.

The most powerful prayer is a prayer of gratitude, which brings the awareness that our connection to the whole makes us complete. Just as we are.